Saturday, September 08, 2007


I'm such a big crybaby. Even though we have a very close connection, I'm scared of losing you. I'm scared that you won't be there anymore. To finally realize that I was just your little buddy.

It always happens to me. I just want to settle down. Finally find some peace.

Just find someone that is with me because he pleases to

Emotional Roller Coaster

Here we go again! I'm depressed. How do I know? Well, because I don't care about anything. I've already gained 4 pounds. I know I need to blow them off, mainly because I don't have any loose clothes anymore.

I'm upset because of the lack of understanding at the office. I have a wonderful team and I will never deny that, yet the other areas have not been very supportive and it's slowly wearing me out. Also, this week the AC was dead and that made me more moody.

My nonexistent complicated love life. Well, it's still complicated. Yes I adore him, no I still don't know what his feelings are. Maybe he sees me as a puppy tag along kid sister. I just don't know.

I hate feeling like this

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Midget blowing out his birthday candle

After a couple of weeks of bad news, we finally had Midget's party. It rained all morning long, but still we had tons of fun. We were at the amusement park for 2 hours. The kids had their fun with the bunnies, piƱata, games and cake. We had fun making fun of each other.

After that we went over to Mama China's to keep on gossiping and open the presents. Indeed to my suprise he loved his Action Man action figure.

He's a big kid now.