Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So a promise is something I have a hard time breaking. After we saw the trailer at some movie we watched, I knew Mike wanted to see Ironman badly.

I think when a movie is worth it, it deserves the full treatment. I wanted tickets for the VIP cinema on opening night.

On Saturday, after Peter Piper (read below) I went to the cinema and bought the tickets. I confirmed my adquisition via SMS.

And now we waited till show time. After an exciting day at the pizza place, I ran home as soon as I could. I at least managed to get changed.

I gave Mike his gifts in the car and he gave me a beautiful blue penguin.

So after terrible traffic, we finally made it to the movies. The movie had started like 5 minutes before. I admit, I got the tickets because the person I was going with LOVES the story and has an issue with the main character.

I loved the move. The story is very well taken care of. Special effects, costume design, acting, everything was just great.

Yes, I would buy it.

Kid's Day

Irvin, Rogelio, Raquel, me, Betty and Mike

If there's one thing I like, it's a good excuse to celebrate and party. So Mike and I decided to celebrate our "kids" in a special way. We got them presents, yes we bought toys. I got little Disney Princess Ballerinas for the girls and a Star Wars action figure for Rogelio. Mike got the girls pets from the Littlest Pet Shop and a Hot Wheels for Rogelio.

I got Mike a ninja Buzz Lightyear and a Transformers movie moments duo with Bumblebee and Barricade. He got me the King-Fu Panda action figure that includes the little red panda and a Little Penguin plush (yes, its named Little Pengiun).

We went to this place called Incredible Pizza. Of course, it wasn't all sugar and spice. Irvin got into a little argument when he was paying our buffets. Once that was over, we ate and then we headed off to the games. Betty wanted the bumper cars, but we were 7 and it was only for 4. So we went looking for something more appropiate, even though she stayed there with here kid bro.

We found the laser tag, and we had a blast in there. Mike came out victorious with 3,000 and something points. Irvin had to go back to work, so did we, but I didn't care. After that we went to the Go-Carts, this time all 6 of us were in the race. Rogelio took 1st place.

We had to go back after that, but we couldn't leave without ice cream! So off we went for ice cream.

I just love doing things with my team

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's been a while

It's been a long time since I've come down and spilled my thoughts. Many things have happened in these past months. I've wanted to keep record of my thoughts but sometimes things happen so fast that I've lost track of time.

I hope I'm back for good.