Monday, December 05, 2011

My little twincesses

If you see me walk down the street with my friend Blanca, you would never imagine that we are friends. I don't use the term "best friend" anymore, but she would fit the bill perfectly.

We have so little in common, we met at work over 5 years ago. I was to fire her, and I couldn't. She's simply an amazing person with incredible skills.

I have never understood how or why we get along so well. The important thing is, we're here. By the time she was going to get married, I was with her checking everything. I even took the casual photo shoot. I had to be at the wedding. Then I got the call and I told her sarcastically that she had ruined the plans. She had said she would wait at least 2 years before getting pregnant. Behold, she was pregnant and wanted to see me.

When we finally caught up for lunch, I told her they were twins. There began another adventure. The baby shower, the prenatal photoshoot, the party favors and finally, the girls arrived.

I'm a terrible person, and I only saw them a day after they were born. I went shopping on Spring Break and remembered my adorable twincesses. I never made time to go visit, until now. As their first birthday rolls around. I told Blanca I wanted to take the pics. She agreed.

I told her at least I would get 1 good picture, and I did. It was a family shot. She dropped me off at home, and I took advantage to give her that present I still had.

It fit like a charm
Pictured: Twincesses wearing gift