Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I'm officially heartbroken. Everything I could have possibly believed in shattered last night as a simple comment. I have openly said that I don't believe in marriage. The lies, the betrayal are things that I'm simply not willing to put up with.

I just found out that my foster parents, my mentors are getting divorced. The reason, he cheated on her. He confessed everything to her. It shatters me that something to solid went up in smoke just because of a weakness.

I have no words to comfort my mother, after all, I was my best friend's lover. I almost broke apart his marriage. What I didn't do was break apart what seemed a loving family.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


If there's someone I love more on this Earth, it's my dad. He's been my main supporter in my personal plans, my cheerleader in my carreer and my primary finantial support.

Don't know what would have been of me if I didn't have him as a father. All I know is that he's done outstandingly well as mine (and my sisters)
Love you daddy

Friday, June 15, 2007

Princess Power

So I went to the Shrek the Third premier with my little nephews. It was an adventure. Yhibran sees something with four wheels and thinks its his skateboard. Carlos still has trouble controlling his volume.
The movie is good. It has continuity with the previous movies. It includes characters loved by many such as Gingy, Big Bad Wolf, The Three Pigs, Pinocchio,Puss and the others. Along with new characters such as the princesses.
The Shrek version of Snow White is wonderful. Bossy, show-off, the alpha member of the pack. Always wanting to be the best and sarcastic as ever. She has a beautiful singing voice (difference there) and can control animals.
I have that same talent with both human and non human animals

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happiness at last

At long last! My sister confirmed that she is coming over to Monterrey in That means one thing! Mini me will be in town.
I missed them so much

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Countdown begins

It's official. One month away from the Order of the Phoenix premier.

I feel sorry those that have to put up with me

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daddy Material

1. He treats his mother well. What kind of family man will he be? First look at his relationship with his mom. Does he respect her? Laugh with her easily? Enjoy visiting her? Help out with chores or errands? In fact, respect in general — to other family members, to kids, and to you — should be at the top of the “what to look for” list.

2. He’s selfless. What’s the number one thing you learn when you become a parent? You never come first anymore! So if you’re with a guy who thinks he’s the center of the universe, beware.

3. He’s not easily grossed out. Surprise! Kids are messy. There are dirty diapers, vomit—and dirty diapers and vomit happening at the same time. Being a parent means getting comfortable with the eewwww factor.

4. He’s a great uncle.

5. He doesn’t mind taking direction from his partner. “If a man resents being told what to do, then working with him on his children’s schedule and responsibilities could get tense,” “Running a family schedule is usually [the mother’s role] and the father typically needs direction.” How can you tell if he’ll respond well to family life? Notice how he takes to your suggestions (“I think you should pack more than one pair of underwear for our week at the beach”) and how he reacts to your plans (“Don’t forget: Thursday is my uncle’s 73rd birthday and we’re all going to dinner.”) If you get a positive reaction, you’re onto something!

6. He likes ketchup. And he understands the importance of blowing the paper cover off of a straw and seeing if it can reach across the table. In other words, he has a playful sense of fun, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Those could be the most telling sign of all.

Daddy hunting begins

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Mina

Yazmin at 3 months and me at 3 years 9 months

When I was three, my mother broke the news to me . . . I was going to have a baby sister. I've always said we have witchy genes in the family, because back in the day you didn't know what the baby was until birth. Yet mom and I always spoke of my baby sister.

On Friday June 10 1983, the final element of my family was born. Yazmin. Also known as, Mina, Goat, Tito, Zilla, Min and I could go on forever writing the nicknames. An adorable baby, taking strongly from my mother's side of the family. Which later became strong basis for sibling rivalry.

Througout the years the differences have become more noticable. Strangely enough, they bring us closer. We have different talents and charms. Over the years, we've learned that we won't have bigger support from the one that comes from us.

My little girl is all grown up

Friday, June 08, 2007

My hero

This is a scene straight from an old black and white detective movie. The dimsel in distress opens the door and finds the tall leather chair facing the door. The outline of a man with his feet on the desk is visible.
The lady asks, "Why didn´t you sign the picture?", the inmediate response "Rumors fly fast and because you didn't come ask for it"
Ok, so it was something like that. I was asking Alex why he didn't sign my picture. It was so surreal.
It was even kinda sexy

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Getting Girly

So, the nightmare slowly comes true. I get girlier by the month. This month has involved my buying blouses, tshirts in blue and slacks. Yup., I'm still stocking up on size 15 and getting ready for 13.
Next month : Shoes

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Strategy

So, the week began with Mike's lock up at Balcones. Since smoke signals are illegal and we still don't master the language, we've been using technology's advantages: text messages.

Yup, an inocent message "call me when you can" to an urgent "CALL ME" is how we reain in contact.

I never thought I would see the day when Mike used text messages

Monday, June 04, 2007

The end comes closer

As any die hard Potter freak knows, this image represents the end of an era. The cover of the mixed feeling producer book 7. It's been 10 years since the first book hit shelves of book stores and libraries.

Warner Bros is responsable for taking Jo's world to the big screen. A dificilt task, but they have done amazingly well. The stories have been adapted under Jo's guidance and have been a huge success.

Yet nothing compares to Jo's inspiration. The Potter septology is something worth reading, and is enjoyed best as a one shot. The use of adjectives to make the story more vivid makes reading the last 3 books a breeze. Even when they are 400+ pages long.

Now the only thing we can do is reread the past 6 years of adventure and wait for the final instalment of this saga. The wait has been the standard for the last 2 books, 2 years. The book went on pre-order since January. Most booksellers promising same day shipping.

My concern was to get the book on time, even though I'm here in Mexico. Granted 3 bookstores are also dealing with pre-orders for book 7. Today, I paid up for my book and Janfek's as well. All I can do now is wait paciently for the movie and the book the following week.

July 21 seems so far away

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Preparing for the end

I love chronicles. I love Anne Rice's vampire saga. I liked the film version of LOTR, the books sent me to dreamy land thought. Narnia is another great saga to read. Yet my personal favorite will always be Harry Potter.
After a strong hate campaign against Mr. Potter, I made peace while watching the first movie. I loved it. I was drawn to the mixture of mythology, symbolism and realism JK Rowling combines in her masterpiece.
More than three years have gone by since I watched Sorceror's Stone. Now I eagerly await the fifth installment of the saga, Order of the Phoenix, and also . . . aside from my extreme sadness, the last book.
The end comes near

Friday, June 01, 2007

Sweet Talks

One thing I love about hanging out with someone is that I don't have to pretend. If I'm at that degree of comfort, it means I can trust the person I'm with fully. I don't have to worry about anything or if I might hurt feelings. I'm just being the twistedly gloomy sweettart I am.
It happened Thursday. After a stressing day of preparation and a week of analysis, the company-neighbour meeting finally took place. Two hours later the meeting was over. An additional hour after that we were driving away from what we decided to call No Man's Land.
Making a recap of what happened hours before, one of the things that I questioned was why did he step up and respond as my area manager. His reply was simple but strong "I back you up". I was speechless after that.
We reviewed what happened, exchanged opinions. During the drive, I thought he would take me straight home. Then we kept on going past the office. I know he usually takes the long drive to my place, but it was kinda late.
Out of the blue he pops a cute question "Ice cream? Should still be open". I say yes. So we end up at the nearest Dairy Queen. Throughout the day, he had been expressing his gratitude for the simplest act: I had fed him the day before. He bought my tea and icelce before the meeting and now he was treating me for ice cream.
Once we're there, he asks "Small blizzard, right?" Yeah, he's getting to know my taste. I tell him I'm off to the girl's room and that I don't want him messing with my blizzard. As soon as I'm out, I spot him outside. As I come close I tell him "It smells like rain". We were sitted next to the sprinkler system and facing the moutains. He flashes his grin and asks me if I like the view. The moon and the scent of rain. My favorite combination.
We start talking about lots of things, the office, kids, past relationships and what we learned from them, problems during relationships and life plans. The talk was endless, but midnight was approaching. We didn't notice how long we had been there until they started turning out the lights.
We continued our conversation during the way back to my house. Outside my door, I simply give him a peck on the cheek. As soon as I finish changing, I log on. He's there. I confess a bit of my heart there and tell him I simply enjoy hanging out with him He says the same.
Now what stops us?


The Genious, The Rockstar, The Avenger, The Evil Mastermind
Sick and tired of hearing
All these people talk about
What's the deal with this pop life
And when is gonna fade out
This was the best thing I obtained from my visit to Balcones. The neigboorhood meeting was to take place around 7:30. I tagged along for the fun.They took a walk to check out the area. I took this pic when they were making their way back up. If I had planned it, it wouldn't have been as good.
The Genious: Janfek
The Rockstar: Alex
The Avenger: Gustavo
The Evil Mastermind : Mike
Looks like a rehearsal from a cheap boyband video