Sunday, October 23, 2011

After so long

I always wished for this moment. I imagined it so many times in my head. The perfect words would have been "I've missed you so much" or "Let's just start over".

Ever since I got the news, I imagined how could a casual encounter be plotted. My Sunday was casually planned with a friend. I wanted to go to the Wedding Expo, basically to stock up on vendor cards and check out what's trendy and cool for weddings.

She was late, and I got the urge to change my attire. I was wearing jeans and a Tshirt and changed to slacks and a blouse. The parking lot was crammed, we ended up at the arena. Walking towards the convention center, I was goofing off. Walking in zigzags and mainly being casual. Suddenly my friend says "Hey, that looks like . . . ". I stop, cold turkey and simply say "It is".

Seconds were eternal and I was frozen. He looked like a mess and STILL I had the urge to kiss him and hug him and keep him close. I don't actually remember what I said. I just wanted to either jump in his arms or leave. I chose the latter, as I walked away, my friend turned back and told me he was still looking at the direction we were walking.

I had my stupid grin all day long. Even my body reacted in the worst way possible. The dragon has arrived. Now all I do, is actually think of you.

Have you thought of me this week?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Aftermath of the 1st Interclub Contest

Pirates would say "hoist the colors", in the Harry Potter universe " Mischief Managed" would be appropriate. Finally, the moment in which Delta could compete with others that session week after week in English arrived. The medals arrived at 10:45 AM and were admired by those who saw them. It might not be their beauty, it could be what they represent. Someone I consider my partner in crime in the Educational development of the English clubs picked me up at 5 PM.

We arrived to our destination quite early, and saw each one arrive. We were running 20 minutes late and the meeting room we were going to use was not yet disocupied and Oscar had not arrived. I gained my breath by the time we were all walking out, because that is when he stepped out of the elevator.

It took us a bit to readjust to the new room, sit the judges, brief the contestants, sort their participation, coach the Toastmaster and finally being the show. The room held about 30 people. I didn't count, but I think that's the correct number.

My amazing core team was made up of
Toastmaster- Roberto Trevino (GMx)
Timer- Halley Ferrer (GMx)
Timer - Cristina Andrade (TE)
Tally Counter - Andres Gracia (GMx)
Tally Counter- Karina Hernandez (D)
Tally Counter -Diego Madero (TE)
Judges - 5 (names will not be mentioned due to confidentiality, but all were properly trained)

Table Topics
Roble Rodriguez and Jesus Montemayor (GMx)
Jose Martinez and Carolina Canisales (TE)
Aydeli Rios and Marylu Vazquez (D)
Margarita Duque and Raquel Trevino (C&L)

Humorous Speech
Victor Flores and Oscar Gonzalez (D)
Jesus Montemayor and Adrian Leon (GMx)
Joe Gonzalez(C&L)

We began with Table Topics, the participants responded "Why did you join Toastmasters?", Marylu and Aydeli answered with grace and style. The Humorous Speech section only had 5 contestants, it seemed as the sorting didn't take place since first the Grainger contestants participated, then Victor and Oscar. It is always sad to know a contestant was disqualified by time, but it happens every now and then.

While I was outside with the Tally Counters, the Toastmaster began interviewing the contestants asking them what club where they from.

Finally the results were in.

Table Topics
1st Place Jesus Montemayor (Grainger Mx)
2nd Place Marylu Vazquez (Delta)
3rd Place Carolina Cansino (The Earnest)

Humorous Speech
1st Place Victor Flores "On the underworld" (Delta)
2nd Place Adrian Leon "Things girls shouldn't do" (Grainger Mx)
3rd Place Oscar Gonzalez "Art in Focus" (Delta)

All four were amazing, but if we had won all the medals, I'm certain they would have made us pay for them all! I believe they held the club's name very high and am proud of them for embracing the experience a contest brings.

We must continue preparing and practicing. Practice and perseverance is the perfect mix for excellence, which is what we look for in our club.

Those of you that went as part of the support team, thank you for your time and being part of a successful event; those of you that went as viewers you were part of this great accomplishment, and those of you that couldn't make it, you missed a great contest.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You have got to be kidding me

So I'm Chief Judge for my Division Contest. I am picking my team. I have the 5 judges confirmed, 2 tally counters; yet I'm still missing a tally counter and the 2 timers.

I was talking to a friend a while ago and gave her that response when she asked how was my judge's team. I commented that I needed a tally counter. When suddenly on her screen I saw the following "X is a great tally counter"

NO WAY! She is!

Tally counters add the judges results on a sheet of paper. First place gets 3 points, second gets 2 points and third gets one point. You add the points the judge gave to each contestant and the one with the most amount wins. It's really not rocket science.

Seriously, the educational level of some people is going from bad to worse.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Shift in things

I've come to realize that as time goes by, I get pickier. Some of the things that would make me happy before seem completely insignificant to me and now I want more.

Things like clothes, when any slack would make me happy, now they have to be from a certain store. When my no make up policy was high, I loved every minute of it, but now I need just a bit of eyeshadow to match the color of my eyes or that hint of lipgloss to make my lips glisten. I won't even mention the shoes, luggage or my fabulous doll collection.

Yes, the change applies in men too. Don't get me wrong, I still have a soft spot for musicians and long haired devils; but I'm engaging into more challenges. A guy that can deal with that is the only way to go.

Though sometimes, they get in the way

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Can it be true

Honestly, I have always believed that I wasn't made for romance and all the sweet things. The only time I had a true shot at it, the other person was not completely elegible. i had to let him go. It broke my heart, but I managed to move on. Ok drag myself on.

I bumped into him again in May. It was at one of my Toastmasters events. In which I usually look radiant. He was there, with the wife; I was there cheering my girls on like any proud momma would. He looked wonderful, but shyed away from my direct gaze. I knew all was lost. He cheered my girls on though, of course he didn't know they were my girls.

Yesterday, at another TI event; I was told that the marriage was over. Can it be true? Have my prayers been answered? Am I not going crazy? I couldn't avoid smiling when I heard the news. I know I might not even mean anything to him anymore, but one thing is certain I knew that relationship would end up wrong.

Now the only thing I do is think of you