Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 is over

Last post of the year. People are already bursting fireworks. 2006 was possibly the worst year ever. Out of the 12 months I can say 2 were good. The rest well, they were full of lies and desception.

I made the biggest mistake of my life. I got involved with my best friend. No, that's not the bad part. The bad part is that he's married. That happened midyear. I guess that's why the year was lousy. I became depressed during the break up.

I decided to leave HTC due to lame professional options. I was very fragile during those months. Four of my pets died during this year. My so called friends lied and betrayed me. My kid sister is dating a jerk.

I've lost tons of weight. I've become more vain. I guess I'm turning into a girl now. I now have a better job. I'm falling in love with someone wonderful. I simply hope 2007 is far better than 2006.

Let's just hope its all for the best.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fantasy's shame

I'm a big fan of fantasy. I love it so much that my thesis was on Harry Potter. I was heartbroken when New Line stated that Peter Jackson wouldn't direct The Hobbit. Then in the summer I saw the trailer for fantasy's newest addition: Eragon.

I didn't go to the premier because I had no one to go with. Couple of weeks later I was at the movies with friends watching the creative work of young Christopher Paoloni.

As soon as the movie starts, you realize you're reliving things from Star Wars, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and so on. The story never comes to an actual climax because it is too fast paced. The scenes jump from one important event to another. Names lack creativity.

The acting was terrible. Not even the young Harry Potter stars were as bad as Edward Speelers. They were 13 at the time and he's 17. The actors that gave life to the Pevensive siblings in Narnia seemed more prepared and it was also their first movie.

I stumbled upon a wonderful website that has a deeper comparison from the original book to other fabulous fantasy pieces of art. Some I have included below.

Honestly, the movie isn't a big deal.

Similarities to Lucas (Star Wars)
-The concept that a “good” character turns “evil” (Morzan/Anakin) after a great loss (dragon/Amidala (or, alternatively, Anakin’s mother)
-The concept of a mother (Selena/Amidala) having two children (Murtagh & Eragon/Leia & Luke) who are separated and meet later under difficult circumstances.
-The concept that a poor farm boy (Eragon/Luke) has a greater heritage than he realizes (Morzan/Anakin)
-The concept that a poor farm boy (Eragon/Luke) lives with a close relative (Uncle Garrow/Uncle Owen) because of his mother’s premature death
-The concept that, just before capture, a princess (Arya/Leia) sends something (Dragon Egg/R2D2) far away to protect something (Saphira/recording).
-The concept that a poor farm boy (Eragon/Luke) picks up said something while doing regular work (hunting/trading)
-The idea that a poor farm boy loses his uncle (Uncle Garrow/Uncle Owen) to the hands of "the Empire"
-The passing on of a weapon (Zar’roc/lightsaber) from father to son (Morzan & Eragon/Anakin & Luke) through another source (Brom/Obi Wan Kenobi)
-The concept of a wise old man who is among the last of a declining resistance (Brom/Obi Wan Kenobi) teaching the descendant of a once-friend-now-rival (Morzan/Anakin)
-The concept of a group of "good" rebels bent on destroying "the Empire"
-The concept of an initial battle (Battle of Farthen Dur/Battle of the Death Star) which is ultimately won
-The concept of a new teacher (Oromis/Yoda) who takes the place of the old one (Brom/Obi Wan) under certain circumstances and present also lessons of philosophy
-Father/Son Revelations

Similarities to Tolkien(The Lord of the Rings and general Middle-earth)
-Eragon (Aragorn)
-Arya (Arwen)
-Elessari (Elessar)
-Valinor (Valinor)
-Beor (Beorn)
-The Lonely Mountain (The Lonely Mountain)
-Melian (Melian)
-Morgothal (Morgoth)
-Isenstar (Isengard)
-Imiladris (Imladris)
-Hadarac Desert (Harad Desert)
-Mithrim (mithril)
-Eridor (Eriador)
-Angrenost (Angrenost)
-Furnost (Fornost)
-The Grey Folk (The Grey Folk)

Setting/Back Story:
-The concept that Elves are very beautiful, tall, and have hyper-keen senses, and extraordinary voices
-The idea that Elves are closely linked with nature; houses in trees
-The details of the Dwarfish religion
-The idea that Dwarves and Elves feud
-The concept that Elves came from “over the sea”
-The concept of Elvish immortality, except in cases of heart break and mortal wounds
-The concept of Elf-Human relationships (and the length to which one must go to achieve it)
-The concept that Dwarves are a rough, gruff, rock-loving race with great skill in gem and stone crafting
-The concept that elves do not sleep, but merely dream
-The map that is practically a replica

-Love interest between Man (Eragon/Aragorn) and Elf (Arya/Arwen) and the great lengths required to fulfil it

I'm still waiting for July 7,2007

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Santa has left the building

So, Christmas has come and gone. I guess I was a bad girl this year because my dad didn't give me any Christmas presents. On the other hand, the rest of the family did.

Lex gave me a Snow White.
Wilde gave me a Stitch.
Yazmin gave me a stuffed penguin.
Mom gave me a certificate for 2 dvds.
I gave myself a new flatiron.

I better be a good girl next year or daddy won't get me anything again.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

On behalf of Morris, Stitchie and myself, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Hopefully this holiday is more that present buying and excessive binging on yummy treats. No matter what religion or faith you have, may this be a time of reflection, happiness and peace to you and those you love.

I hope you were good so Santa will bring your presents.

I already got mine!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Big Bad Wolf

I remember when I was at HTC, my brother Ian would excitedly check out the new merchendise. The merchendise was actually the pack of new girls. I would watch him, Mike and Alfredo stare at them and select the one they would go after. As if they were steaks. I always felt sorry for those girls. After all, three hungry wolves were waiting to hunt them down.

With less than 2 weeks at the office, I'm starting to get those feelings of being up for auction. I feel like Little Red Riding Hood dodging the Big Bad Wolf. It might be my paranoia. That never helps. I'm a natural flirt, so I hope I don't send the wrong message across. Let's see what happens.

Let the games begin

Monday, December 18, 2006

Back to normal

There we are. Another dark picture of myself. This is who I am. An average goth chic that struggles to have a normal life. Or whatever that is. I admit, sometimes I like complicated things.

Lately I've noticed that my blue streaks give me a younger appearance. Many have said I look 22. It could also be the fact that I'm still doing the goth thing and many think only teens or young adults do it.

It's not that I refuse to grow up. It's just me. I've finally gotten to a point where I'm very comfortable with who I've become. My outer covering is begining to reflect who hides in the inside.

I've realized that the old saying is true. Women are like wine. They get better as they age. I'm possibly at my peak physically speaking. I'm not the naive girl I was. I've proven to be more than hard working and dedicated. I've continued to be a loyal and devoted friend. I've become a more understanding and caring lover.

Who is willing to prove that?


THe kind of thing a girl has to do to show suppport at work. That's right, everyone's favorite goth girl had to wear a pink tshirt. I still can't believe I survived two hours and a half of public exposure in pink.

There I was, handing out panflets of the new construction project my company has, giving out candy and balloons to the kids. Of course, the day I didn't want to see anyone was the day I bumped into everyone. That made me seem extremely popular. Ironic for my antisocial attitude.

Some say I look cute others think I look scary. All I have to say is that if pink is really my color, I'm not ready to admit it.

At least not in this lifetime

Sunday, December 17, 2006

She's mine

Well, as of today I am the proud mother of Gothica. Gothica is a cute orphan that is as evil as she is cute. She carries around her plush named Stitches. You can adopt your own Precious Miseries orphan here

Name: Gothica
Month of Birth: February
Favorite Color: Violet
Favorite Pastime: Mischieviously scheming and playing with her StiTcheS plushie.
Weakness For: StiTcheS merchandise
Family Relations: Older sister
Close Friends: Kojin and Obake
Information: Gothica is the 'leader' of the younger pranksters and second to enter the manor. She uses her evil cuteness to her advantage and always carries her StiTcheS plushie. Gothica also has an older sister, but refuses to give her any attention and prefers to keep it her little secret.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

You've got to be kidding


There’s a great job opportunity waiting for you! We have received your information, but we were unable to contact you. Please refer to 10011029 on schedules 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. as soon as possible.


When I saw this in my inbox on Monday evening I was highly offended. How dare they email me with an offer to be a rep! Honestly, what are they playing. First they tell me that communication isn't important and now they have a great job opportunity. What on Earth are they thinking?

Fortunately I now have a job. Very challenging at a growing company. Benefits that I never thought I could have. Most rewarding of all, with a paycheck that makes the effort worth it.

I did call back. To request removal of my information from HTC databases. They made the offer again. of course I refused. I wouldn't go back to where I started. I would pick up where I left off though. I emailed the HD director with that same email.

It felt so good to say, thanks but I have something better.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Request granted

Take your time with it. You have all the time you need.
All the time in the world.
-Allan Quartermain/LXG

A couple of hours ago, I spoke with a dear friend. He's been going through a lot in the past few weeks. What exactly, I don't know; yet I notice by the way he types and the silly fight we had the other day.

Sometimes the best way to support someone is by granting them time. Maybe time does cure everything.

I just hope it can mend a shattered soul.

Somethings never change

I guess one of the things that I am known for is my hability to get away with murder. I've done the craziest things with the blessings of my superiors. I've been able to earn their trust and respect and still do outstanding things.

My new job is interesting. Perhaps it doesn't compare to the thrill of the call center experience, but it has its nice things. It's nice and calm during lunch time. Schedules are very respected, compared to HTC all day experience.

Things are pretty slow now. The project is barely in its design phase. I'm starting to know the language. Getting a bit familiar with the complete organization and of course bonding with the coworkers.

I miss the overexcitement of HTC. I miss being four numbers away from a couple of my friends. I miss being able to say "I'll be at the other building in a bit". I do the other building thing, but its the building NEXT door.

The fun seems to never end.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vacations are officially over

Yes ladies and gentlemen.The news is official. My vacations have ended. It's not at the museum where I went to an interview last week. Actually it's a pretty neat proposal. I must say the paycheck is more than tempting.

I was offered to start today. I on the other hand, needed to enjoy my last day of freedom.

I'll do exactly what you do, but I'm doing it for me.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Drama and Angust

Don't you just LOVE drama. It's everywhere if you ask me. Usually the people I love worry me to that extent. Right now I'm worried. I think something I might have said was misunderstood by my best friend. This isn't something I expected right now.

It's hard to know who to trust and who not to. This year has been very shaky for me. I thought I could trust my so called friends and I got olympically stabbed in the back. Of course they won't talk because they know I'll find out and come after them.

Dorian, this is for your eyes only. Yes, I'm writing for you. I don't want things to go weird between us. If there is something you don't understand, ask me. I can't go through another situation where I will end up losing another person I care about. That would kill me.

I know you will eventually read this. You even requested to. I hope your mind is clear ny the time you get the ideas I've tried to let out. I know I'm not easy to understand.

Why do I call you Dorian?
Because you're complicated

But I will never learn

There are lessons in life that should always go with you. Getting a good night sleep is one. Eating from the 5 basic food groups. Brush your teeth after every meal and before bed. Don't sleep with your friend's boyfriends. Don't tell the end of the book or the movie. Even if they ask.

There are other things in life that I should continue to do. One is to learn not to share my feelings. Another is to stop being a HELL of a good writter. I'm getting a bit cocky. That usually happens when . . . I am about to be exposed.

Will this be the time when my storytelling gets me in so much trouble that I'll stop. I don't know. My favorite quote is Newton's "For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction with the same magnitude".

The only thing I can do now is be strong. Stick to my guns and keep my chin up high. I've never regretted a thing I've said. I've regretted the way things have been interpreted, but that is not in my power to control.

Nothing else I can do.

The Sleepover

Sleepovers or slumber parties are things you do when you are entering your teen years. Later, when you spend the night at a friend's house it's because you're gonna party SO hard, you'll be wasted and it's better to stay there than go back home. OR. My personal favorite. You're really spending the night with your guy, but used your friend as an alaby.

This past weekend, an unexpected sleepover happened. My friend Angie came over from the city. Mexico City. As always Kim and I were waiting for her. We met a couple of years back at MARCO. Angie was the Volunteer Coordinator, Kimmie was a new volunteer and I was working there. Kim reported to Angie and we shared kids during summer camp.

If you see us apart you would never guess what we're doing together. I guess it's our love for art that glued us. Angie is six years my senior and Kimmie is six years my junior. A marketer, and advertiser and an aspiring politician.

When Angie got here, we agreed to get together and have dinner. Of course time flies and we finished around 11. We took Angie to where she was staying. She was staying with a collegue. Kim suggested a sleepover the following day. She lived closer to where Angie was working and as always we add the fun to dysfunctional.

We got together the following day at the supermarket. Perfect place to stock up. Chips, candy, cookies, peanuts, brownies, chocolate cakes and soft drinks. Ready to be eaten by the terrible trio.

I had a date so I was late to Kim's house. The minute I stepped inside, I changed into my pjs. We went to the kitchen and snacked. It was 3 AM and we were having a munchie attack. We got fed up of Sin City and went to watch Goblet of Fire.

Angie was the first one to call it a night. Kim left me about 30 minutes before the end of the movie. I turned off the TV when the movie was over and retired to the bedroom. Angie was snoring by then.

I was awakened by the sound of water . Kim and I got up. Angie needed to get to work. She wanted to call a cab. Kim insisted on taking her. So, in pjs Kim and I dropped Angie at work. We needed coffee desperately.

We made it to her house. We made it to the kitchen and began munching on brownies and chocolate cakes. We watched Scary Movie IV and The Omen. Kim's dad said we should do something useful. That's when Kim brought me home. In pjs.

I guess no matter what age you are, sleep overs will always be the ultimate girlbonding activity. I'm glad I had this recreational experience with my favorite buddies.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The date

The idea of dinner and a movie sounds too cliche. It could pass as the typical teenage first date. At the age of 26 it meant spending time with a friend. Who I happen to have a crush on. I'm a big flirt. I will never deny it. Usually it gets me into trouble. Thing is, he is also a big flirt.

Even though I adore him with all my heart, I can't bear the thought of losing him. I've lost too many friends through flirting and flings. I've even lost the love of my life. I guess I did, it's been too long without word from him. Yet my stubborn heart still has hope.

Throughout the week we planned the date. The movies we would watch and what would we do. My personal demon: my outfit. I didn't want something too revealing, but I didn't want to look like a boy. I needed to look confidently decent. By Friday, I had chosen a black turtleneck and dark blue jeans. My hair was straight and minimal make-up.

I meet him. He looks completely sin worthy. I would have jumped on him. Instead we did small talk. It was the first time that we had enough time to get to really know each other. We went for dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant. Acording to him I barely ate.

We went to his place. He showed me his comic book collectio, amoung other things. Then we went to the bedroom to watch the movies. He chose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We laughed at the Oompa Loompas. Once it was over, he chose LXG. I knew that movie would mean trouble. Specially because of Dorian and Mina.

We had to interrupt the movie, because I had to leave. My sleepover friends were complaining about me being late. He drove me over to Kim's house. He took his sweet time to get there. We even got lost. When we made it to Kim's, I kissed him good night and walked away.

It was very hard to resist the temptation of making out with him or worse sleeping with him. I wouldn't mind. He's drop dead cute. I simply wouldn't like things to get akward between us. Or worse, we could simply avoid each other. That would completely blow it. There goes another friendship.

Yes, I deserve a medal for resisting temptation.