Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Go getter. Acomplishment oriented. Always get what I want. Some say I'm spoiled because of that. Other's think I have a cocky attitude. The final word is that everything I set my eyes on, I have; doesn't matter if its material, spiritual or another human being.

Out of all of my friends, I'm still single. I don't have any children. I don't have a dependent boyfriend or husband. Don't depend economically of my parents to buy me the things I want. They support me, but I end up paying back every dime they lend me.

Suddenly the last couple of months I've been getting the same question. "When are you gonna stop working and settle down?"That's a good question, thank you for asking. The ones that ask, are the ones that have already tied themselves down to a guy and to a couple of kids and in-laws.

Sure, I want to get married, have kids and live happily ever after. There are a couple of things I need to finish before I tie myself down to a commitment that huge. My parents raised me to think that I need to have a solid career under my arm. I've worked for 7 years and am about to start my master's degree. I'm not looking for Mr. Right Now, I'm looking for Mr. The Rest of My Life. I'm not into dating just to say I'm involved with someone.

I promised myself this year that I would start my master's and get a boyfriend and have my baby in three years. Just around the time I finish the master's. This gives me enough time to get fit, have a steady relationship and finish growing professionally.

I just need a guy that understands my priorities, since my friends don't.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mixed Messages

I've studied comunication and marketing for years. If there's one thing that I'm still to figure out are the different forms of male flirting. Sometimes they are completely obvious that they're interested and at the end, they only want to remain friends. At other times, they seem completely indifferent and they swear eternal love to you.

Aside from freaking me out, it confuses me. I don't know if I'm making a fool of myself or jumping to wrong conclusions. Maybe he's just being nice and here I am living in a fairytale fantasy.

When he suddenly does things that he usually doesn't, like staying up late because you're watching a horror movie that scares you (keeping you company online) or staying at the office because you're there finishing a proyect. Doing sweet things like being the first one to wish me happy birthday or any holiday, keeping the post-its I give him, or using screennames from messages I've given him. Drags me into proyects and meetings with him. Even though I've had this terrible feeling that he does it because I'm good at certain things; but I love to think that he does it because he wants to keep me close. After all, I'm there with him 80% of the time that we're at the office and the other portion, we're on the phone or via msn. Acting like a complete gentleman, buying sweet things from desserts to other items. He likes locking me up with him for one on ones. Constantly. Even though I'm giggling half of the time.

I know how to read his body language as well as the scale of his tone of voice. It's funny, because when we're alone, we sit in front of each other unless we're using the computer or reading from the same source, but when we're in a group or surrounded by others, he sticks close.

Maybe he's scared of his own reactions . . . maybe I'm learning to read him.

I just hope I am getting the right message.

Friday, April 20, 2007

How can you compare?!?!

I'm a cat person. I love cats more than anything. My beloved Morris is my favorite pet. Even though she enjoys sitting on my purses, backpacks and books. At HTC I learned the value of a pet fish. I inherited Cleo from Melissa. He was my best friend there. The one that would soothe me when I was on the verge of a nervous break down.

After he passed, Krak took his spot. He never fully replaced him. I would call him Cleo from time to time. I hope it didn't hurt his little feelings. Krak passed a bit after we left HTC. I didn't feel the need to have another fish, until now.

My current office environment is very stressing. Today, I almost exploded. I've always wondered what's the difference between having a goldfish and a betta. Both Cleo and Krak were bettas. I've whined to Mike that I wanted one.

In a moment of weakness, he said he would get me one. This week, he gave me his typical phrase when he wants to worm out of some sticky situation "I'm just a humble fisherman". AHA! You still owe me a fish. We did a bit of argueing and I closed the conversation off stating that he's a coldhearted individual that has left some orphanned goldfish at some petshop.

I tried being cute today. I was very upset about something that happened at the office. I told him sweetly "Daddy, can I have a goldfish?" He replied "After I get my piranha". How can you compare a sweet little goldfish with an evil looking piranha!!

I'm gonna try harder.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Daddy, can I have my own credit card

I'm the kind of girl that always gets what she wants. No matter how long I have to fight for it. You can ask my former boyfriends, my family, my friends and of course my foes.

I've been very close to having my own credit card, but my dad always manages to barge in. He claims that he has a very wide credit that I can use at will. The problem is, that it's his and not mine.

My online shopping gets done with his card, the time I went shopping to McAllen last year he gave me his card. I had cash on my anyway. I bought my laptop with his card too.

So, today in the car I was chatting up with him. Suddenly I tell him, "Daddy, I think it's time that I start building credit history and should get my own card." He tells me what he's always said, " You can always use my history". I insist on the subjet. He simply reaches for the glove compartment and takes out a spare card he has and gives it to me. " Use this when you need it".

So much for that try

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The only way to shop

If you ask my sister to go shopping, by the time you finish asking she's already in the car. Unlike her, I need to be bribbed or be desperate.

I'd rather be vegging out, reading or doing something else than be in a store full of people fighting over dressing rooms or other items.

The internet was one of mankind's best inventions, but the creation of online shopping was its prime creation. Hot Topic and Amazon are my two favorite sites to shop. Books, clothes, toys, movies, you name it and I'll probably have ordered it.

The only downside is that most places don't ship to Mexico, so they end up at my cousin's place until I'm able to go pick them up.

Let the shopping continue.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Mac & Cheese

So I cooked. That's right, I dragged myself in the kitchen and did some real homemade cooking. My childhood favorite meal was mac & cheese with tuna salad. It's one of thse things you can't get over. Whenever I go to a buffet it's one of the main things on my plate, along with mashed potatoes. Washed down with chocolate milk. DELISH! They're my childhood favorites, so shush!
It's a lunchtime favorite that I share with Mike. He's a big fan f Luby's mac and cheese. I emailed him the original recipie. Of course to this day I can almost be certain that he hasn't made it.
I promised I would cook him a bit of good old mac and cheese. That was like after my birthday. Then I repromised before Spring Break. I bought everything before vacation. I would tell him if I was in the mood I would get dirty in the kitchen. After vacation I said to myself , keep your word.
I dragged myself into the kitchen yesterday. Grated 3 different cheeses. I could have bought grated cheese, but where's the effort. It took me about 90 minutes to get the cheeses done. Cooked the pasta and prepared the cheese sause. An hour later the dish was cooling off. My mother said it needed a bit of salt. I'm aware that's my kitchen weakness. My sister said I should practice more in the kitchen, since according to her, I'm not that bad.
The outcome was that he liked it. Said it was missing a bit of salt and that the recipie doesn't call for enough cheese. I agree with the amount of cheese.
I'm glad he didn't die.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Out of the blue

I'm completely sure that the best things come without planning them. In an innocent conversation Blanca tells me she wants to take up her saxophone lessons again. I simply look at her and ask what's stopping her. If she wanted us to buy her a sax. Out of the blue I think, Lisa.

I started laughing and tell her that Rogelio is Bart and that Aracely is Maggie. She was into the joke too and started telling me that Maggie is perfect for Aracely because she's new and we don't pay much attention to her. Rogelio makes a great Bart because of his sarcasm and wicked sense of humor.

As soon as I get a hold of Mike I tell him our new creation. He starts laughing but then simply stops and gives me his I don't like it look. He tells me that if they are the kids, it implies that he's Homer. I start laughing, but then it hit me too, that makes me Marge. The former blue strands support the thought.

We both start laughing, because its so true. The small dysfunctional CS family could be a portrait of any Simpsons episode.

Creepy, but I love the idea.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Poison

If there's one thing that can poison me, its a slice of strawberry cheese cake. When I was younger, I was addicted to the ice cream of that flavor. It was bringing two of my favorite worlds together: ice cream and cake. In the same dessert.

I've been in the mood for ice cream during the past days, but I hadn't satisfied my craving. Today, I gave in. We went to several ice cream shops. The first one was a cheap imitation of Italian style ice cream. I was about to go get the real Italian experience when Norma told me she was settling for Dairy Queen.

DQ is a fairly good choice, but I wasn't completely convinced. Then I saw it, snuggled between the list of Blizzard flavors was strawberry cheese cake. I was already paying before I had finished reading the rest of the flavor list.

I had the small cup of course.

Today's 500 calories burned at Curves paid off

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

If only . . .

I can get someone to make me the dress for Halloween. It's a perfect version of Snow White. I would proudly wear something like that. Even if it implies me wearing a skirt.

I've always said that I'm OK with the Snow White deal. including the deal about the romantic relationship with Dopey, instead of the handsome Prince. If Dopey is into Goth chicks I don't mind. At least I don't have zoofelic tendencies like Belle does. What up Lex!

This is the perfect combination of the pale skinned, ebony haired girl with the flawless goth outfit.

I want to thank my son Gary for finding this. Amoung all the other neat images and trinkets he has found for me.

Now if I can get myself to have a body like that.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Protecting the Team

I'm a team player. I usually end up guiding the team, nevertheless I don't work alone. I work for my team and I usually die for it.

I become dissapointed when the members of my team have that individualistic streak. Yes, I am aware that the taste of glory is like sweet wine, but it isn't everything.

I end up giving a double or triple effort if my superiors say my team is lacking knowledge. Even if it means taking the blame for not doing things right.

Even if it means sacrificing my time.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Goofing around

My sister Wilde and her boyfriend Chuy

Life is full of suprises. You never know who you're gonna fall in love with or who you're gonna hate for the rest of your life. I usually see my kid sister Wilde as the baby, the one I have to be protecting all the time.

Suddenly, I come to realize she's not a little girl anymore. That she's old enough to make her own desicions. That she only needs me to support her and not to guide her. In the begining it made me feel useless. Coming to realize, it's called enpowerment. She's learned.

Today I went to lunch and the movies with her and her boyfriend. She acts and reacts the way I do. She fights with him the way I usually fight with my boyfriends.

Should I be proud or should I be scared

Friday, April 06, 2007


I don't usually smile much, but when I do it's probably for a good reason. This is one of the last pics I have of my blue strands. If I'm not mistaking, this was a very stressing day. We had to finish some loads on SAP, we didn't go to lunch.
By the time we finished, I was so stressed I just ate the sandwich Mike bought me.
At least we finished and we were happy about it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Business Events

Me, Mike, BegoƱa and Norma at Centrika

The worst thing you can ask an antisocial creature like myself is to go to an office organized event. Lucky me I don't have the status that requires me to attend to these kind of events.

So it was a Wednesday morning and everyone was thrilled about the shopping center opening. Mike asked if I was going. I said no, because I would be alone. After some drama, I kinda gave in.

Before the day was done, Norma said she was going. So, I ended up going to the mall. Chatting up with a couple of coworkers, making fun of others and doing some flirting.

I need to chillax a bit, even if it's at a business event.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fool's Day

Jokes and Pranks are fun. Specially when you are on the applying side of the activity. In Mexico, tradition states that December 28 is the day of the inocent. I just stick to good old American tradition.

Back in December, I called Mike with an office emergency. He thought I was kidding because it was on the 28th. I told him if I would play a prank it would be on April Fool's. He threatened me that I didnt have his personal phone and that he turns off the office phone. Yada Yada.

Daylight saving began today and he had a business meeting in the morining. I was rather concerned about the meeting, but also about the prank that I would play on him. I decided that I would tell him that I quit.

He finally calls to update me. He tells me he quit. Knowing him, in an outburst of anger, he is capable of just doing that. Then I hear him laughing.

The joke's on me.