Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So a promise is something I have a hard time breaking. After we saw the trailer at some movie we watched, I knew Mike wanted to see Ironman badly.

I think when a movie is worth it, it deserves the full treatment. I wanted tickets for the VIP cinema on opening night.

On Saturday, after Peter Piper (read below) I went to the cinema and bought the tickets. I confirmed my adquisition via SMS.

And now we waited till show time. After an exciting day at the pizza place, I ran home as soon as I could. I at least managed to get changed.

I gave Mike his gifts in the car and he gave me a beautiful blue penguin.

So after terrible traffic, we finally made it to the movies. The movie had started like 5 minutes before. I admit, I got the tickets because the person I was going with LOVES the story and has an issue with the main character.

I loved the move. The story is very well taken care of. Special effects, costume design, acting, everything was just great.

Yes, I would buy it.

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