Monday, September 19, 2011

WHAT! I'm not the only crazy one!

This was taken from the Disney Store's website a while ago. Few can imagine me getting teary eyed listening to the video's A dream is a wish song, and looking at the amazing beauty of these dolls. The minute I saw Snow White, I knew I had to have it. What are $50 USD any way? I've spent more on nonsense.

Yesterday was my mother's birthday, and I usully go to sleep late. I checked the Disney website hoping to see this weeks doll. No luck. First thing I do the next morning is grab the Ipod and check my email. It was so there, the Introducing Snow White: Our Latest Disney Princess Designer Doll, as a subject. The time 4:09 AM, an hour after I went to bed. I immediately turn the laptop on and log on the website and my surprise is, SHE IS SOLD OUT!

Not even 6 hours had past since I got that email, and the doll was sold out. It was an edition of 6000 dolls. I am upset, I could have waited another hour up to get it. I'm totally crushed because I wanted it so bad.

:'( No toy for Snow

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