Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Loss of Manners

I admit my mother is a bit strict regarding manners. No matter how "modern" or "open minded" I could be, I still have my respect towards my parents and the people I respect.

Since I returned from Queretaro, I asked a friend to come along with me to one of the corporate clubs. It was a plan. We even spoke the night before.

An hour before she dropped by to pick me up, she called. Her daughter needed her to pick her up after work. I told her it would be best to call of our engagement, but she insisted. When she arrived to my house, there was an uncomfortable tension in the air.

The minute we hit the expressway, it began. "You shouldn't be driving this late", "Did you have to do it today", "Are you the only one that can do this"? This was worse than listening to my mother. My friend talked to her grandson, and her daughter said "Focus on your driving".

We made it to our destination, and it was even more uncomfortable. Needless to say, we did not enjoy our moment there, and on the way back, the ranting continued. We started having trouble, and were able to make it to a gas station, "You can leave on a cab right" she asked me. No, not my friend; her daughter asked in a matter a factly tone of voice.

It was a bit late, so obviously it was dark. She stopped in the middle of an empty street to drop me off and simply stormed off in the night. She had scolded her mother like a child that had done something terribly wrong. Her mother is almost as old as my mother.

I don't know who was more embarrased, my friend or me that had to put up with the scene. One thing I know. She embarrassed her mother beyond imagination. Her excessive concern came across as simple lack of manners.

My mother would have given me a stare and told me to take a cab home.

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