Sunday, March 09, 2014

Being a girl!

If you look around you, everyone is congratulating all females for International Women's day, which is alright I guess. I hope these women sending the messages have been able to make a change in their surroundings and those women receiving them too.

As for me, I will make a very small shout out towards heaven to the two women that have molded and changed my family with their example of kindness, hard work, dedication, commitment and love. Thank you Grandma Aurora and Grandma Santos for being the most amazing role models to my mom and dad and leaving behind a legacy to live up to..

To my mother, who not only gave birth to 2 girls, but raised another and guided them to follow the example my grandmother left behind and now focuses on guiding children in spiritual education. My kid sister who has a huge load on her shoulders educating children in their first year of academic education. My oldest sister for being an example of hard work and sacrifice paying off, simply being amazing and being a rock for my nephews during the hardest moments.

To my friends who have walked the path of being single mothers for whatever reason and not breaking along the way but becoming a positive role model for their children; those that have accepted the responsibility of being responsible for their elderly parents at a very young age;to those that everyday work hard not only to make a living,but to make a change in the world we live in and to those that work everyday in the most difficult workplace,at home, to raise happy children in the world full of greed we live in

Princesses just sit there and look pretty, 
Queens make decisions and rule the world.

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