Sunday, March 11, 2007

The gates of the Jurassic Park proudly recieve. . .

That's evil at my best try. Today is my best friend's birthday. More than a friend, she's the sister that God wisely placed in another household. Words can not describe how fortunate I feel to have Lex as my best friend. She is the only person that knows my reactions just by the sound of my voice. Not to mention the only one I share clothes with. Through her I've learned many things. Thanks to her, I also have a nephew that adores me like if the bond that joins us was really blood.

People show up in your life at the moment when they are needed. Lex showed up at perfect timing. We've seen each other cry, laugh, scream and battle with our biggest fear, our weight.

Thank you Lex for being there with me at all times. For putting up with me. For understanding me. For making me become a cheerful person. For making me see what I don't have the courage to see. For giving me a family that takes me as what I really am.

For being the sister I always wanted to have.

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