Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lazy Weekend

Nothing compares to the peace of mind I have when I'm over at Lex's house. The last week was completely hatious. The week ended after a strategically planned 2 day out of the office vacation. I'd say very well planned, Mike and I went to a Customer Service seminar at the ITESM.

Before the course was over, Lex sent me a message. I called back and she told me to go over to her place. Mike dropped me off at Lex's place. We ordered lunch and I hugged my nephew. We ate, watched TV, gossiped and chillaxed a bit.

My nephew thinks I'm a pillow or a recliner, so he tends to lean on me. I simply grab him and hug him. He doesn't mind. He simply lets himself go. He took a couple of pictures with my camera. He's gonna be a great photographer. I love him with all my heart. I just love spending time with my evil little midget.

He'll be #1, until I have one of my own.

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