Saturday, March 31, 2007


I've changed. I'm not the sweet little girl I used to be. Even though she still lives there, deep down inside. I've become more agressive. I've become more cautious in the people who I trust. I've learned to defend myself.

Physically, I've also changed. I went from being the fat girl to the chubby girl. Now I'm trying to become the fit girl. I know for a fact that that I will never be a size 7. My hair has changed. I iron it daily, even when I get the frizzies, I don't let the curls arise. I've had blue highlights. I loved them dearly. Unfortunately, they were getting hard to keep up with. After much thought, I decided to go back to my wicked ways. Ebony black hair, pale white skin, deep blue eyes and blood stained lips. Three boxes of dye and 60 minutes did the trick.

Welcome back Snow White

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