Friday, June 01, 2007

Sweet Talks

One thing I love about hanging out with someone is that I don't have to pretend. If I'm at that degree of comfort, it means I can trust the person I'm with fully. I don't have to worry about anything or if I might hurt feelings. I'm just being the twistedly gloomy sweettart I am.
It happened Thursday. After a stressing day of preparation and a week of analysis, the company-neighbour meeting finally took place. Two hours later the meeting was over. An additional hour after that we were driving away from what we decided to call No Man's Land.
Making a recap of what happened hours before, one of the things that I questioned was why did he step up and respond as my area manager. His reply was simple but strong "I back you up". I was speechless after that.
We reviewed what happened, exchanged opinions. During the drive, I thought he would take me straight home. Then we kept on going past the office. I know he usually takes the long drive to my place, but it was kinda late.
Out of the blue he pops a cute question "Ice cream? Should still be open". I say yes. So we end up at the nearest Dairy Queen. Throughout the day, he had been expressing his gratitude for the simplest act: I had fed him the day before. He bought my tea and icelce before the meeting and now he was treating me for ice cream.
Once we're there, he asks "Small blizzard, right?" Yeah, he's getting to know my taste. I tell him I'm off to the girl's room and that I don't want him messing with my blizzard. As soon as I'm out, I spot him outside. As I come close I tell him "It smells like rain". We were sitted next to the sprinkler system and facing the moutains. He flashes his grin and asks me if I like the view. The moon and the scent of rain. My favorite combination.
We start talking about lots of things, the office, kids, past relationships and what we learned from them, problems during relationships and life plans. The talk was endless, but midnight was approaching. We didn't notice how long we had been there until they started turning out the lights.
We continued our conversation during the way back to my house. Outside my door, I simply give him a peck on the cheek. As soon as I finish changing, I log on. He's there. I confess a bit of my heart there and tell him I simply enjoy hanging out with him He says the same.
Now what stops us?

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