Friday, June 15, 2007

Princess Power

So I went to the Shrek the Third premier with my little nephews. It was an adventure. Yhibran sees something with four wheels and thinks its his skateboard. Carlos still has trouble controlling his volume.
The movie is good. It has continuity with the previous movies. It includes characters loved by many such as Gingy, Big Bad Wolf, The Three Pigs, Pinocchio,Puss and the others. Along with new characters such as the princesses.
The Shrek version of Snow White is wonderful. Bossy, show-off, the alpha member of the pack. Always wanting to be the best and sarcastic as ever. She has a beautiful singing voice (difference there) and can control animals.
I have that same talent with both human and non human animals


Commendatore Alexander Strauffon said...

Que bueno que la hayas pasado bien viendo la pelicula.

SinFUL said...

Bien, ahora ando por acá, este es mi nuevo blog, espero este si lo visites.
Nos vemos.