Thursday, July 19, 2007


Luna and her group of roomies

It started as a joke, then it became a promise and it finally became a present. When ever I start blaming something on Mike, he would sharply respond I'm just a humble fisherman". For days I thought of a smart comeback, until it came to me. " Then get me a goldfish". It was pure gold, there was no reply to that.

I would nag that I wanted a goldfish, even though I've never had one. Then he would ask me about the name. No clue. My creativity doesn't go that far

After a checking some emails, Mike decided to go get the fishie today. I told him I'd rather have a betta. So we went to the mall and hit the pet shops. I wanted a blue fish. We only found one.

My sister is using my old bowl, so the baby needed one. Mike thought a little house would be cute. I didn't want a castle, Krak had one. So, we got a lighthouse instead.

After thinking about a name, it ended up in Luna. Luna sounds girly, and since I don't know what Luna is, I'll leave it like that.

Today Luna got her first present! A small penguin, which I decided to place next to her bowl, along with her other friends.

She's hyper and has bad eating habits, who does she remind me of?

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