Saturday, July 21, 2007

The wait is over

We now present the seventh and final insallment
in the epic tale of Harry Potter.

Never in my years of being a Potter freak had I waited for the official day. I bought the first 5 books at Barnes and Noble. My sister got me the 6th at Borders. Book 7 would be different. I preordered the book at a near by shop. I also ordered a friend's book and my boss' kid's book.

Not knowing what would be appropiate, I decided to arrive at the shop 30 minutes before opening time. Ten minutes before a swarm of kids rushes to the door. I simply walk to the line and look at the kids over excited. Yup the Potter does it again.

No one believed in JK's story and now, ten years later I was outside a book shop surrounded by overexcited teens. The shop finally opened. The pile of books was right behind the register. In a matter of minutes the most anticipated book of my complete life would be in my hands.

Things were moving smoothly. I approached the counter, and extended my 2 reciepts. Three books were placed in a plastic bag. At 10:05 AM, I was text messaging Mike to let him know the news.

Tonight will be a long night.

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