Sunday, February 25, 2007

Innocent Questions

I've always admitted, my nephews and niece take out the best from me. They just make me become a better person. Most of my nephews are my friends' kids. The sound of Aunt Violetta is rather sweet. I've enjoyed seeing them grow during the past 5 years. Until now I've been tempted to have one of my own. And make the aunts suffer along the way like I've suffered with them.

Of course a couple of things stop me from getting pregnant. The most important is that I don't want to be a single mother. No, it's not that I'm getting old fashioned or being a prude. I simply want my little boy/girl to have a loving daddy like I did while growing up. Not that my dad has changed, but he was my everything when I was a little girl. Whether it be a boyfriend that's committed to the baby or a husband, until I have one of those I'll let myself get pregnant.

Another thing that stops me from getting knocked up is my professional career. I think I haven't proven to myself what I am completely capable of. Because knowing myself, I'll temporarily retire for at least 4 years to take care of the baby. Unless I manage to set up my business from home and juggle work, baby and husband.

Keeping all of this in mind, an awkward situation arises with my nephew Carlos. While I was at his house, he innocently asks "Aunt Violetta, why don't you have kids?". His parents froze and gave me a blank look. I replied according to his innocence "Well, because you I haven't found you an uncle and I'm also waiting for you to grow up a bit so you can help me take care of him/her". He simply said OK.

Yes, the question did hurt a bit, yet my answer was very honest. I haven't started a relationship with the one I think would make an excellent father for my kids.

And best of all, a supportive husband.

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