Sunday, October 09, 2011

Can it be true

Honestly, I have always believed that I wasn't made for romance and all the sweet things. The only time I had a true shot at it, the other person was not completely elegible. i had to let him go. It broke my heart, but I managed to move on. Ok drag myself on.

I bumped into him again in May. It was at one of my Toastmasters events. In which I usually look radiant. He was there, with the wife; I was there cheering my girls on like any proud momma would. He looked wonderful, but shyed away from my direct gaze. I knew all was lost. He cheered my girls on though, of course he didn't know they were my girls.

Yesterday, at another TI event; I was told that the marriage was over. Can it be true? Have my prayers been answered? Am I not going crazy? I couldn't avoid smiling when I heard the news. I know I might not even mean anything to him anymore, but one thing is certain I knew that relationship would end up wrong.

Now the only thing I do is think of you

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