Friday, May 11, 2007

The Breakdown

I feared this moment. The moment in which I would simply break into tears for no reason. Today I was moody, I saw Mike and I didn't even joke with him. I wanted to jump into his arms, but I simply couldn't. The moment he left, tears started rolling down my eyes.

I began questioning myself if I had made the right decisions. If not getting married years ago was the right thing. If focusing on being a professional businesswoman is worth not having someone to share my life with. If studying and preparing myself has really brought me a bright future.

I text messaged him and told him "breakdown . . . now". He called and asked if I was OK. No you dork, it's called a breakdown. I started talking with Rogelio, he scolded me for crying and for saying I made bad choices. He hugged me. I need it so bad...Mike called in throughout the day to check on me, I also called Lex and Blanca. At night, I was talking with Mike on MSN and venting a bit. He has this amazing ability to make me smile.

Maybe its time to change my priorities.

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