Thursday, May 17, 2007

Chocolates and Apple Pies

Today is Janfek's birthday. Happens to be Mike's best friend, his boss and a fellow Potter freak. It's hard to buy the appropiate gift. I made my traditional ecard and sent it over. I had Mike call Jan's wife to ask what was his favorite cake. Result: apple pie.

So, there we were at lunch time we went to the mall and bought him his present. Mike bought him a Delorian from Back to the Future III. I got him a Gryffindor keyring and a 1/2 pound chocolate bar. When we finally decided to get some lunch, lunch time was really over.

We went and bought the apple pie. I had to literally drag the kids to the 9th floor to go take the cake. He wasn't expecting it. Which was nice. We had pie and talked with staff we don't even talk to.

After we ate the pie, Mike showed me an email. Jan's cake would be cut at 6:30 at the main break room.

It was 6:45

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