Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thirteen years ago

Randy and my sister Yazmin

Thirteen years ago, mom, Yazmin and I planned a trip to visit my sister Esthela in California. Two days before the trip, Esthela called home and spoke to Yazmin and me. She gave us startling news. She got married. We weren't suppossed to tell mom about it.

When we got to California. My sister and her husband picked us up at the airport. Shortly she gave mom the news. To top it off, she showed us an ecogram. She was pregnant.

An early call on February 4, 1994 woke my dad up. His first grandson was born. The baby was to have his father's name. We got tons of pictures, but plans were for Esthela to come over for my 15th birthday party. Including baby.

We realized Randy has ADHD. In a very advanced stage. Unlike mine, that developed in a later stage of my life. No one approved the treatment. My sister has kept him busy all these years. Hobbies like sports, reading, and legos have kept him focused.

His looks are from my mother's side of the family. My grandmother would be so proud. He's a sweet boy. Understanding and loveable. Loves mind tricks. Embraces challenges and likes trying new things.

It feels strange seeing my little boy grow up.

Happy Birthday, birthday boy.

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