Friday, February 23, 2007

Unreasonable petitions

The last thing you expect when the second month of the year is over is having to find a pocket organizer for the year. This is what I get when I inocently ask Mike if he needs something from Office Depot. I usually make my Office Depot order the last week of the month. My order is for my department. Mike, Rogelio, Blanca, the boys and me. Sometimes I order what Eugenio needs.

He says he doesn't need anything. I double checked. I hate it that after I make my order someone tells me "you know what I just remembered I need [fill in the blank]" Then he says, "I just want an agenda like Eugenio's". This was late February and you expect me to find an organizer. I asked if there was anything else he needed. He simply said the agenda/organizer would do.

Eugenio's organizer is pretty neat. It's pocket sized and black, very simple and elegant looking. It has those cute detachable dotted lined corners that you can tear off once the week is over. I knew I was in for trouble.

Obvously the Office Depot catalogue was out of agendas. I went to a couple of Office Depots aound town. No luck. I tried Office Max. No luck there either. I looked in gift stores like Gant and Photopholio. Not a chance in hell.

I was about to declare myself a failure, when I stepped into Samborn's to check if they had my Marie Claire. I found a figure shapping shirt that I was looking for, in black of course. Lizh was buying some lotions. I was pacing around the store when I saw a small stand with notebooks and organizers. Maybe it was Mike's lucky day. Indeed it was, behind the first large shappped organizer I moved was a small black pocket sized dated agenda. Exactly what he wanted. I grabbed it and made my way to the register.

I was about to pay when the cashier said "I think those are on sale". I didn't care, I was taking it. It ended up being half priced. Once I was at home, I wrote on December 20 "Remind Violetta I need a 2008 agenda". Mission accomplished.

No wonder some say I'm extremely resourseful.

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