Sunday, June 04, 2006

The end of a chapter


In late December, Horacio, my account manager told me that I would be assigned to work along with Iliana Alvarado. Iliana had just began the Toastmasters project, I had offered to help behind the scenes.

The project was very exciting. A Toastmasters like project for supervisor level. I was thrilled. It was named JLC - Junior Leadership and Communication. The idea was challenging and many obsticles had to be conquered.

In late January, we had 30 aspiring Toastmasters signed up. The senior group helped launch and aided during the first two sessions. Two different schedules were set up, an evening Wednesday team and a morning Friday team.

Soon enough Jerry joined the JLC troop and it was decided that he would coordinate the Wednesday team. I would have the Friday team. It's not healthy to compare, but slowly the groups began to reflect our personalities. The Wednesday team was organized, political and structured. Those three words describe Jerry. The Friday team was multitasked, creative, and flexible to last minute changes. Those words could apply to me.

Yesterday was the program's certification ceremony. The groups shined before their bosses. It was the first time both groups sat in the same room and held a mixed ceremony. As coordinator of the Friday team, I am very proud of them. They aren't the same individuals that signed up in January. Same thing for the Wednesday team, but that is Jerry's effort, pride and joy.

My group, the TGIF Club, taught me how to delegate, analyze, stategize, plan and coordinate. I learned from them so many things, that they won't even imagine. I am fortunate to have worked along 13 very talented human beings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart: Carmen, Jessica, Mariana, Patty, JB, Omar, Oscar, Jorge, Pedro, Christopher, Fernando, Eduardo and Adrian. Thank you for putting up with me, and for trusting me.

Thank you Iliana for helping me become a better leader and guide. It saddens me to loose my boss and my mentor, but I know I still have my mother and my friend. Words aren't enough to express what I feel. Jerry, thanks for putting up with my bratty attitude.

My Fridays won't be the same from now on, but I will always have the memories of the insane things we did.

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