Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Son of Evil

What would my son look like? Will he take from my mother's side and be dark haired and have big expressive eyes? Or will he be blonde/red-headed with ivory skin and freckles like my dad. Will he look like me? Who knows who the father will be like!

One thing is sure, he will be raised in an extremely artistic environment. Surronded by paint, music, clay and good books. Potter will be a common bedtime story and Apocalyptica a usual lulluby. If he favors sports, well I won't have much choice, or I can have Wilde be a good aunt. She's into the sporty thing.

My biggest dream is to have identical twins, a mischevious pair like Fred & George Weasley. Yet one will be enought as long as he's healthy.

Why all the fuss about having kids? It seems like an epidemic! Everyone is either getting hitched or pregnant. I don't even have a boyfriend. It's like I wasn't meant to be with someone. No matter what happens I end up alone.

Just imagine a bite sized replica of me, adorable, but evil. The perfect combination.

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