Sunday, June 11, 2006

Save Lil'Ragdoll

Precious Miseries is a collection of beautifully drawn girls made by Melissa Diaz. Precious Miseries Manor is full of strange wonder. This haunted manor is the last stop for orphans, dead or alive. Fortunately the girls that live there either do not mind or are worse than the ones haunting the manor. Whether good natured or prime evil, they all respect their caretaker, Seven, who genuinely cares for all of the manor’s inhabitants.

No one ever knows when a new member will be left at the doorstep of Precious Miseries Manor, nor do most care. All the girls are too preoccupied with their everyday survival. Each girl has her own insecurity to face and adventure to find. But, the biggest adventure for them all is finding a way to get along.

I bumped into Precious Miseries at Hot Topic during the Comm Team's shopping spree in April. Brenda saw the Gothica sticker and I fell in love with it. I started looking at the pins and found Flower Girl and Gothica. We didn't think twice and bought them.

Once we came back to Monterrey, we looked desperately for the Precious Miseries site. We looked at all the girls and fell in love with a couple more. We began spreading the word and have bought a couple of more pins and tshirts. Most of my friends have Presious Miseries avatars with Jester, Punk and Glaive. Brenda owns a Flower Girl doll. I'm waiting for Gothica to come out.

I found out Ragdoll isn't doing ok in sales. I'm worried I'll never have Gothica in my hands. Please help us save Ragdoll. Go to Hot Topic and buy one, for yourself, for a present or just to support the cause. Help promote Melissa's talent.

If I can't have Gothica in my hands, I'll blame all of you.

Buy Lil' Ragdoll

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