Saturday, June 17, 2006


In January I thought 2006 would be a great year. I turned 26 years old. The prime of my youth.

I guess I was wrong. The year began with me being abandonded by my boyfriend. That same month my beloved pet fish Cleo died. In February, Beker, my gray tabby cat also died. In March, Arturo and I started fighting. In April, my mentor Iliana announced that she would leave the company and I was put on action plan. When May came along, my "friends" decided it was best to hang out without me. And then came June.

June began with the end of my leadership program. That same day, Iliana and Jerry left the company. My friendship with Arturo came to a definite end. He's acting like he doesn't know me and I'm not interested in asking for reasons. Ian continues to keep secrets from me. I simply don't trust him anymore. On Wednesday, I found out Manuel , Iliana's husband, was also leaving the company. Lots of people are leaving the company. You can smell the insecurity in every hallway and office.

The icing on the cake is my emotional state. My exboyfriend called me last night. I'm confused. I don't know what's going on. But I've cried all month.

I simply hope July is much better.


Rev. Alexander Strauffon said...

I hope so too.

Lex said...

me too

Grishnack said...

Sabes, en verdad todo en el jale se siente bastante tenso y todo gracias a la grandiosa idea de Betito (o de quien haya sido) de implementar un sistema que nomas nos lo pasamos por el arco del triunfo todos, seamos honestos.

En cuanto a lo que comentas, pues la verdad si que tu caso es algo para temer, con tantas gentes saliendo y entrando de la escena, cosas que no pensabas que pasarian y que estan pasando, fantasmas que vuelven de las paginas olvidadas del pasado, gente que te molesta cuando estas haciendo cosas divertidas (ese soy yo hahaha) y mil cosas mas, pero recuerda, la vida no siempre es justa, ni divertida...

...Hay que encontrarle el modo.

Anonymous said...

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