Friday, January 05, 2007


Here we are at last. January 5,2007. I'm officially 27 years old. The perfect age. According to arithmancy 9 is the perfect number: 2+7 = 9. Also, the rock star age. Many rock stars died at 27. Not that I'm planning suicide this year.

The first one to say the magical phrase of the day was Mike. At the stroke of midnight he said it. And bragged about being the first one. Then my mom and sister walked into my room to give me my birthday present.

I went to bed. Someone called at 6 in the morning. Later I found out it was Lex. Daddy did his share of birthday love. Once I got to the office, the love continued. Rogelio got there, hugged me and gave me my present, a Snow White. Norma gave me a black picture frame. Blanca, Jessica, Norma and the rest of the office gang made the appropiate arrangements for lunch. Even my boss said Happy Birthday. I had to send a quick invite because some thought I was excluding people.

I was tortured by the corporate birthday card. Pictured above. An extremely pixeled image, with my name misspelt and pink letters. The horror. To make things worse, Mike printed it up and taped it to our door. Thanks a million.

We went to lunch to my favorite chinese restaurant. Blanca, Jessica, Norma, Mike, Claudia, Rogelio and me. It was fun. The calls came to my cellphone. Caesar called from Iowa. Lucy from MARCO called. I got a text message from Brenda. I got an email from Juve and Carmen. I also got ICQ messages from Julio, Antonio and Jesus. My nephew was forced to sing, but it was fun.

In the evening, dinner was planned at the Sierra Madre. Lex and I got there first. I asked for a table for 8 people. I'm not that popular. Lizh got there second. She looked kinda sleepy. I noticed Debbie had walked in because my nephew was flashing a couple of moves there. Mike got there with an extremely sugar loaded caramel shake from Dairy Queen. And was evil enough not to ge me something. We took a seat. Alain got there. So did Ana Laura. Kimmie and Mr. Kimmie. Norma and her kid. We had to request a bigger table, we didn't fit anymore. Denisse. Eddie. To make my day complete , Miguel, my old collage flame. The day ended with my nephew asking me to stay over and play with him.

27 definetly looks better.

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