Sunday, January 28, 2007

Keep Your Heart Broken

My love will grow black if your heart gets stolen
Just promise to keep your heart
One day I'll come back if the door's still open
Just promise to keep your heart broken
Keep Your Heart Broken/The Rasmus

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings, and the easiest one to take advantage of. When you love someone, you are capable of doing the most amazing things. You put up with people bashing you behind your back. Your friends' rejection. Your parents' disapproval. At the end of it all, you believe that the strength the person you love provides will be enough to let you get through.

Then comes the heartbreak. You think life is unfair. You believe the rest of the world is happy due to your romantic failure. You begin to pick up the pieces of your heart. Or whatever is left of them.

Suddenly you realize that things aren't that bad. That you are better off without that person. You recognize that even though s/he was very important to you life is manageable. You can't start thinking about starting your life with someone else for the moment, but you are getting along fine on your own.

Slowly you move on. You start flirting with others. You consider a new relationship and exposing your heart again. Then it happens. Out of nowhere, your ex shows up. A shower of explanations and excuses bomb you. A promise that things will be better this time around. Then you break apart.

You had promised yourself that you would never consider this person ever more. That you had learned your lesson the first time around. And here you are, pondering the idea. You cry, you scream and all the other person can say is "I'm sorry I hurt you".

Well, here I am. About to enter the point of no return. Should I forgive him and start all over again. Should I forget about it, and move on with someone that appears to be better.

I'd rather have someone new break my heart.

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