Monday, January 01, 2007


Growing up, I would frequently hear adults saying that they would wait for New Year's to begin with their changes or resolutions. The of course they lose hype around February and feel bad for themselves the following year's end.

Last year I began my most drastic transition. I decided to leave behind a couple of my childhood fears and mellow with comfort food. I put myself on a serious diet. I began changing. My body took a different shape.

I became more vain. I started picking more V neck blouses. I bought my colored contact lenses. I got blue highlights. I continued to lose wieght. I started buying frilly lingerie. I started walking into boutiques on my own. I started spending money on clothes and accesories.

I plan to continue losing weight, and get keep close contact with Aunt Victoria. Keep my hair on the neat and straight side.

Simply become the girl I once feared I would become.

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