Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Mike

I don't know what's it like to make it past 30, but Mike made it over and beyond by hitting the 31 marker today. Trying to do the same as he did on my birthday, I sent him a text message on the stroke of midnight. I woke up 5 minutes beofre to send it, then went back to sleep.

Blanca and i went present shopping. We got some nice balloons. Of course my incluence could be seen with the star themed balloon and the blue in the combination. We got some neat little trinkets and a huge box.

The three of us signed his birthday card filled with lovely messages. Specially Roger. Blanca suggested we number the trinkets and make like a scavenger hunt. Before lunch we put it all in the box.

I went to the mall to get the small ice cream cake and the ? candle. Of course by the time I got back, he was already sitting at my computer and had seen the stuff. So we lit the candle, made him blow it out and started to see the stuff inside the box.

I guess Blanca, Rogelio and I enjoyed remembering the mischevious things we wrote and did that actually seeing Mike's reaction. Inside the box were the following things in order.

1 Buzz Lightyear
2 nerds
3 crunch
4 cookies&chocolate
5 cards
6 amazing
7 cookies&cream
8 kranky
9 nerds gum
10 ice cream cup

I hope he doesn't get used to the royal treatment

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