Friday, August 31, 2007

Moving on

Mike, Betty, Rogelio, Lorena, Blanca and me

It's hard to say farewell. It's even harder when it's someone you've fought for. My team loses one of its main elements and there was nothing Mike or I could do to stop it. The new members of the team have arrived. One hand picked by me, the other one chosen by TLEI (that's Human Resources).

Unfortunately the change won't be as lasting as we expected it. Lorena will leave next week, due to medical reasons. Betty is in the learning curve stage. Rogelio is waiting to drop everything and Blanca is with mixed feelings. Mike and I still wonder about how things will unroll in the following days.

Today we took Blanca to lunch, we gave her a Rebelious doll to remind her of her attitude problem, we had some cake, and finally when everyon else was gone the goodbyes.

Yes it's gonna be hard, of course we're gonna miss her, but it's going to be much better for her.

Eventually, things are much better for those that leave.

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