Monday, July 17, 2006

Friends, Family and You

The only thing that can decrease the void I feel is the feeling of those I consider my strength. It's hard to explain in simple words, but I can say that being with them make me feel less empty.

I thought I wouldn't know from you until Monday. To my luck, I spoke to you yesterday. I think now you understand that rain is the only way I can make my true feelings show. If I'm very upset, there would be a raging thunderstorm, but if I'm sad it's just a heavy rain. Now I have another way to make you think of me.

I spent my afternoon at a friend's house because of her birthday. It was just 5 of us. We had food, drinks, music. Everthing was there, yet to me the only thing missing was you. I got woozy around 5:30 AM and went to sleep. In the morning, I saw for the first time how I felt. In an empty room, just pillows, a comforter, Stitch and me. Nothing else.

I got home and went to sleep. I needed it. Nothing compares to sleep on my bed. I woke up and took a shower. Wilde would come pick me up any minute. We went over to Lex's. The akward silence between us was there. We're like sisters, but for the first time we can't tell each other things because we're scared of hurting the other's feelings.

The day went by talking and chatting. Midget gave me a Care Bear. I immediately remembered your reaction when I told you I wanted one. Silly goose. Wilde brought me back home. Life had placed us in the same path. The only thing we have now is you (each her own) and the only thing we can lose is you. I wonder who will be smarter and finally get to be happy.

Tonight I will go to bed and dream of all those things we planned.
I hope they come true someday.
Hope they come true soon.

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