Monday, July 17, 2006

Other things I like about you

I was a bit unfair when I mentioned the things I liked/loved about you. I left a couple of important things out. So here are the other things you do that I cherish dearly.

I love the way you've taken into liking my music.
I know I have an odd taste in music, but when I get in the car and you have my favorite cd on is more than the world to me.

I love the way you sing to me.
You say you don't have a singing voice, but GOD it's just so sweet.

I love the way you understand when I tell you my two best friends are my sisters.
I know friends are important to you, but nothing compares to you trying to win over my nephew and being nice to Wilde and Lex.

I love the way you want to be different from all the rest in my life.
I know the pet names upset you and God forbid that I dare compare you to the jerks that have been part of my life. I love it when you simply want to have a place of your own in my heart/mind.

I love the way you have been changing.
Now I honestly hope it's for you, but you taking up some healthy habits make me so happy because they are important to me. You eating right, having a granola for breakfast and now going to the gym. I want you to be around for a long time and you are finally understanding my concern about your health.

I can't believe you're so perfect for me.
Why can't I have you now?

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