Sunday, July 30, 2006


I've always been harsh with those relationships that involve jealous and possesive boyfriends. I simply couldn't understand why someone would get upset about what the other did without telling him.

Then it happened. Yes, I am aware that there would be a ton of guys that would die for me to date them. I mean, where else can you get a girl thats smart, witty, talented and pretty. I am aware of my limitations, but I totally know what I'm worth. Yet for the first time I understood what the awakening of that fearless dragon named Jealousy is like.

The worst thing was that it happened before you and I had something to do with each other. Consider it childish, but if you plan to flirt with someone, don't do it in front of me. Hey! I want to consider your flirtatious ways have to be different to get me. Ok, I am being childish.

Anyway, the situation gets interesting when YOU play the dragon. You ask questions that may somewhat sound acusing. Who are you going to be with? Why? How long are you going to take? Why didn't you tell me before? Your reactions, the change in your voice. Call me silly, but it's cute that you get upset like that. In a twisted way it seems thats you're protecting what's yours.

All I can say is that we both are in trouble, because as flirtatious as we are, we are just as jealous.

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