Sunday, November 05, 2006

1 White + 5 Black = Bride and Bridesmaids

Lucy,Judit,Alicia, Lillian, me and Marina

Another one of my friends joins the line of the dreaded Mrs. club. I have 2 groups of friends. Very different one from another. One striking difference is that even though some are getting married, one group has gotten married because they got pregnant. This is the group that hasn't taken THE STEP due to a pregnancy.

The 5 of us met about 3 or 4 years ago at MARCO. Monterrey's Museum of Contemporary Art. We were hostesses or tour guides for kids. We're very different, but there's this bond that I can't describe that brings us together.

Judit got married last year. I don't even remember why I didn't go to her wedding. Last month Lillian sent us an email telling us she was getting married. We immediately organized a small get together to talk about the wedding. In that email she sent a small but effective blackmail message, you're my only friends.

We went for dinner two weeks ago. Talked about the old days, caught up with our lives. When Lillian left, she said that it would be cool if we dress up in the same color. Ana said pink. I said hell no. Lucy said she knew someone that could get the job done for us.

The adventure began like that, selecting the dress and getting measured. Choosing a nice wedding present. Finding a van and a driver to get us there. The party was going to be at a quinta around 2 hours from downtown Monterrey.

By Friday we had the dresses and I had bought the presents. Saturday was THE DAY. I began getting ready since 11 am. Marina came to pick up her dress at 10. Keep in mind the 2 hour drive and that the wedding was at 4. I had to be ready by 1. I wrapped the presents and got primped.

Lucy picked me up and we drove off to MARCO. Very appropiate I must say. Alicia was there. I went for a snack. On my way back I saw Marina and Judit. We got in the van and began our trip. Some were getting ready in the car, while others were eating. I was eating. We made a 90 minute trip. Great timing.

Once we got there. We saw the place was empty. No decorations no nothing. We started getting he lights ready. The judge was already there. Perhaps the bride wanted to make an entrance. Once they got there, they proceeded with the ceremony. We started taking pictures and enjoying ourselves.

After they were legally married, we continued decorating. With that overwith, we sat down at our table. The newlyweds made their entrance and had their dance. We were all over the cameras, taking pics. We took pictures with Lillian. We even carried her. I suddenly realized that her little blackmail was the truth. We were her only friends.

We had dinner. Then the bar opened, and it tasted like trouble. So there we were, drinking and chatting. Judit was the first one to go change. Yes we were prepared, we took some jeans because we knew it was going to get chilly. About an hour later, Lucy and I got changed. I don't remember at what time Alicia went to take of the dress. Marina forgot to bring a pair of jeans. Mental note, take a spare pair of jeans for Marina next time.

The drinking continued, so did the picture taking. By 11ish we were getting tired. Judit called our driver to come pick us up. We left around midnight. Alicia had a bit too much. She went to the bathroom before we left. Someone grabbed a plastic bag. That was the smartest move. We hadn't hit the road when Alicia was already puking.

I got off at the nearest Oxxo for a Gatorade. The bag was my main concern. She finally fell asleep. We were in Monterrey by 1:30 am. First stop was Lucy's house. Judit and Alicia stayed with her. I was the second one to be left at home. Marina was the last one.

We spent 12 hours together and survived. We have over 200 pictures of just a couple of hours. Mina says we should do it again sometime. I agree.

There are times when I feel like I do want to get married. Last night was one of those days.

Now, if I can only get the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

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