Saturday, November 25, 2006

Party Aftermath

I guess I will never learn. Nope, not in a million years. I went to a party organized by one of my former coworkers. It was actually a staff party for my former job. I had been out of the office for two months and missed most of those guys dearly. Of course when I got the invite, I said I would go. When a couple of friends found out, they insisted that I couldn't back out.

So I got to the club where the party would be. I dressed casually. I used my favorite combination, blue and black. Jeans and a blouse. Straightened hair and minimal make up. Before I even stepped inside the club, I was already hugging people and telling them how much I missed them.

Once inside, the loud music, the waiters and cigarrette smoke filled the area. I started spotting friends and went over to say hi. They all noticed that I have continued to lose weight and complimented my looks. One said I should dedicate a hate song to the guy I'm in love with. That same guy pinched my ass.

While I was doing the social thing, I spotted my long time crush and good friend. We immediately hugged. I told him I was going with some friends, he said he would stay where he was. I spotted him from afar and he was alone. A couple of minutes later he made his way to where I was.

He had drunk a little, but he wasn't wasted. We stated talking and then to my suprise I found myself dancing with him. I hadn't done a sensual hip dance in a long time. Lucky guy. One thing lead to an other and before I realized I had my arms around his neck and we kissed.

I backed away a bit and told him that I didn't want to ruin things. He said he agreed. We continued dancing and snuggling. Then he said it. Stay with me. I told him to ask me the same thing when he was sober.

He got completely wasted. Eventually, he told me to go with him for a hot dog. I tagged along to take care of him. I was practically holding him up. He asked for the impossible, the get the guy that was taking us home and not leave him. Sweet little angel wanted to test my witchy habilities.

In the car, he started to scold me and remind me that I had left him 2 months ago and at the party. I started to reason with him, but then decided to simply apologize. We got to his appartment and waited until he got a bit better. When I was about to leave he asked me why I wasn't going to spend the night with him. I blamed my mother.Back in the car, he was holding me.

If I really didn't care for him as much as I do, I would've stayed. I know both of us would end up hurt, and possibly lose the relationship we have. Will our significant others find out what happened? I don't know.

Now I have to be very smart about how I manage things with him.

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