Monday, November 13, 2006


My name is Amethyst. I am an alcoholic. It's not something to be taken lightly. I have openly expressed my disgust to those that drink for no apparent reason. They say the first step is to aknowledge. I guess today is my lucky day.

I usually drink a mixed beverage like a piña colada every 2 months or so. It had been a while, in July I drank during my friend Brenda's birthday weekend. Two bottles of Boone's and some strawberry vodka mixture. I had gone earlier in the month for a drink with the love of my life.

In August came the tragedy. It was in early September when I went for another drink with Monica and Jessica. When I got my blue highlights I went for another with Wilde. Then I had a bottle of Boone's during a party and another drink that same night. Take into consideration that those drinks are not average glasses, they are 1 quart servings.

During dinner with Lizh, I had a piña colada. I went to dinner with my friends from MARCO. I had a piña colada and a mudslide. At Lillian's wedding I had two piña coladas. Last week at the exhibit opening I went for another mudslide and on Saturday I had another piña colada.

That's a grand total of 3 bottles, 2 mudslides and 8 piña coladas in less than 3 months. An exagerated amount of alcohol for my standards. I need to control this. I can't let my depression sink me into a light alcohol problem.

Maybe I am more depressed than what I think.

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soultears said...

I miss you very much.... Hope to see you on the 24th. depression.. good word... I think I have been sumerged in there and still don't know how to get out.... aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggg I wish I was a child again... Hope to talk to you....