Thursday, November 30, 2006

Flirty conversations

So, I haven't learned my lesson. After what happened at the party the flirting has increased. To my disgrace or fortune, this new twist in my life. I'm not suffering around the corners for the guy I love, which is a nice change. Even though I must admit I would love the flirting to be with him.

We went for coffee on Sunday. It was a simple cup of joe from the Seven 11. We had a nice long conversation at his place. It was nice to just sit there and talk. I dragged him to dinner. I couldn't go to dinner with him for his birthday, so I made it up for him.

I forced him to eat and to laugh a bit. My cousin was there and two other friends. We've been flirting over instant conversations. He's gotten to know a lot of me that other don't know in the past days. He's seen old pictures of me from high school and from my first job.We're still flirting with the idea of having a movie weekend.

Don't know what we'll do, if just dinner and movies at home or dinner and cinema. I just want to distract myself from my reality and get him out of his depressed rut.

I just don't want things to get weird between us.