Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I remember when I was a kid the huge commotion I would make around Thanksgiving. After all, it's a tradition from my native country but not for my parents. I learned about the holiday at school. Every year, while I was in San Antonio there was the traditional play and we would make turkey puppets and stuff. At home we would have a small dinner or have dinner with our neighbors.

When we moved to Mexico, I began whining about not having Thanksgiving. My main concern was the dinner, but then I would get sentimental and think about that feeling of sharing with those you barely know. It makes you feel good with yourself.

This Thanksgiving is different. My dad forgot to buy the turkey. Of course, others say "Well go buy one at HEB". It's not the same thing. You know homemade Thanksgiving lunch or dinner is special. It's not like you can buy it at anystore. At least to me.

So I didn't get my turkey, I'll have to wait till Christmas. Aside from the dinner and the football. Thanksgiving is more than that. It's being able to turn back and be grateful for the things you've been blessed with.

This year I'm grateful for having found the love of my life. I'm grateful that my parents are together and healthy. That my kid sister is in her last year of college and preparing her thesis. That my other sister and her family are ok, even if they are so many miles away. I am grateful for being able to hold on to my old friends and for finding several precious new ones.

I'm grateful for remaining alive. For my so-called emotional stability and for being able to keep my strong character even though the circumstances should have broken me into pieces a long time ago.

Thank you life for everything.

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