Tuesday, November 07, 2006


"Begin at the beginning,and go till you come to the end; then stop. "
King of Hearts/Alice in Wonderland

Once upon a time, there was a girl that felt very lonely. Her heart was weak from the numerous desceptions it had suffered. Every time she tried to lift her head proudly, she would flash a fake smile. Yes she was proud of who she was, yet she was sad.

The sadness was because she felt she had gotten to a point in her life where all the effort was worthless. Where no one valued her devotion and dedication.

After 26 years she had found the love of her life. She had never felt like that before. There was an instant connection. The rush and excitement of finally finding the one which was worthy of spending the rest of eternity with.

Unfortunately, she was late. The toad prince was already at another castle. Everyday since she realized he was the one, she had shed tears. Tears of frustration, saddness, hope and love. She wonders if one day things will turn around and be right. She can only hug her plush companion every night and dream.

I hope things turn around.

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