Saturday, November 18, 2006

The body

Yeah, that's me. The one without a head. There are three things you could recognize me by if you know me. My ankh, my ring and my bracelet. Those that know me even better would recognize my legs. Hey they are my pride and joy, my only asset.

The purpose of the picture was to make fun of the excessive cleavage I have. At least for my standards. I see it, and I only see myself. A couple of friends saw this picture and they screamed at me. You're way to thin.

Honestly. I started the year with almost 100 over. I'm 45 down. The year isn't over yet. I hope I hit the big 5 before New Year's. That would be awesome. It's funny because this year I didn't make weight loss one of my resolutions.

I must admit I owe the last 16 pounds to my depression. That doesn't matter, to the public eye and in my friend Peter's words I look fantastic. Funny how the biggest sadness of my life has made me look so good. Kinda ironic.

I don't consider myself beautiful and much less thin. I know I should be careful. My former bulimic tendencies might want to arise. I've been strong this time around. I've done all this without falling into my old habits. Only diet and my corset.

I only hope you consider me your type of girl.

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