Friday, April 13, 2007

Out of the blue

I'm completely sure that the best things come without planning them. In an innocent conversation Blanca tells me she wants to take up her saxophone lessons again. I simply look at her and ask what's stopping her. If she wanted us to buy her a sax. Out of the blue I think, Lisa.

I started laughing and tell her that Rogelio is Bart and that Aracely is Maggie. She was into the joke too and started telling me that Maggie is perfect for Aracely because she's new and we don't pay much attention to her. Rogelio makes a great Bart because of his sarcasm and wicked sense of humor.

As soon as I get a hold of Mike I tell him our new creation. He starts laughing but then simply stops and gives me his I don't like it look. He tells me that if they are the kids, it implies that he's Homer. I start laughing, but then it hit me too, that makes me Marge. The former blue strands support the thought.

We both start laughing, because its so true. The small dysfunctional CS family could be a portrait of any Simpsons episode.

Creepy, but I love the idea.

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