Monday, April 16, 2007

Mac & Cheese

So I cooked. That's right, I dragged myself in the kitchen and did some real homemade cooking. My childhood favorite meal was mac & cheese with tuna salad. It's one of thse things you can't get over. Whenever I go to a buffet it's one of the main things on my plate, along with mashed potatoes. Washed down with chocolate milk. DELISH! They're my childhood favorites, so shush!
It's a lunchtime favorite that I share with Mike. He's a big fan f Luby's mac and cheese. I emailed him the original recipie. Of course to this day I can almost be certain that he hasn't made it.
I promised I would cook him a bit of good old mac and cheese. That was like after my birthday. Then I repromised before Spring Break. I bought everything before vacation. I would tell him if I was in the mood I would get dirty in the kitchen. After vacation I said to myself , keep your word.
I dragged myself into the kitchen yesterday. Grated 3 different cheeses. I could have bought grated cheese, but where's the effort. It took me about 90 minutes to get the cheeses done. Cooked the pasta and prepared the cheese sause. An hour later the dish was cooling off. My mother said it needed a bit of salt. I'm aware that's my kitchen weakness. My sister said I should practice more in the kitchen, since according to her, I'm not that bad.
The outcome was that he liked it. Said it was missing a bit of salt and that the recipie doesn't call for enough cheese. I agree with the amount of cheese.
I'm glad he didn't die.

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