Friday, April 20, 2007

How can you compare?!?!

I'm a cat person. I love cats more than anything. My beloved Morris is my favorite pet. Even though she enjoys sitting on my purses, backpacks and books. At HTC I learned the value of a pet fish. I inherited Cleo from Melissa. He was my best friend there. The one that would soothe me when I was on the verge of a nervous break down.

After he passed, Krak took his spot. He never fully replaced him. I would call him Cleo from time to time. I hope it didn't hurt his little feelings. Krak passed a bit after we left HTC. I didn't feel the need to have another fish, until now.

My current office environment is very stressing. Today, I almost exploded. I've always wondered what's the difference between having a goldfish and a betta. Both Cleo and Krak were bettas. I've whined to Mike that I wanted one.

In a moment of weakness, he said he would get me one. This week, he gave me his typical phrase when he wants to worm out of some sticky situation "I'm just a humble fisherman". AHA! You still owe me a fish. We did a bit of argueing and I closed the conversation off stating that he's a coldhearted individual that has left some orphanned goldfish at some petshop.

I tried being cute today. I was very upset about something that happened at the office. I told him sweetly "Daddy, can I have a goldfish?" He replied "After I get my piranha". How can you compare a sweet little goldfish with an evil looking piranha!!

I'm gonna try harder.

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