Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mixed Messages

I've studied comunication and marketing for years. If there's one thing that I'm still to figure out are the different forms of male flirting. Sometimes they are completely obvious that they're interested and at the end, they only want to remain friends. At other times, they seem completely indifferent and they swear eternal love to you.

Aside from freaking me out, it confuses me. I don't know if I'm making a fool of myself or jumping to wrong conclusions. Maybe he's just being nice and here I am living in a fairytale fantasy.

When he suddenly does things that he usually doesn't, like staying up late because you're watching a horror movie that scares you (keeping you company online) or staying at the office because you're there finishing a proyect. Doing sweet things like being the first one to wish me happy birthday or any holiday, keeping the post-its I give him, or using screennames from messages I've given him. Drags me into proyects and meetings with him. Even though I've had this terrible feeling that he does it because I'm good at certain things; but I love to think that he does it because he wants to keep me close. After all, I'm there with him 80% of the time that we're at the office and the other portion, we're on the phone or via msn. Acting like a complete gentleman, buying sweet things from desserts to other items. He likes locking me up with him for one on ones. Constantly. Even though I'm giggling half of the time.

I know how to read his body language as well as the scale of his tone of voice. It's funny, because when we're alone, we sit in front of each other unless we're using the computer or reading from the same source, but when we're in a group or surrounded by others, he sticks close.

Maybe he's scared of his own reactions . . . maybe I'm learning to read him.

I just hope I am getting the right message.

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