Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Sleepover

Sleepovers or slumber parties are things you do when you are entering your teen years. Later, when you spend the night at a friend's house it's because you're gonna party SO hard, you'll be wasted and it's better to stay there than go back home. OR. My personal favorite. You're really spending the night with your guy, but used your friend as an alaby.

This past weekend, an unexpected sleepover happened. My friend Angie came over from the city. Mexico City. As always Kim and I were waiting for her. We met a couple of years back at MARCO. Angie was the Volunteer Coordinator, Kimmie was a new volunteer and I was working there. Kim reported to Angie and we shared kids during summer camp.

If you see us apart you would never guess what we're doing together. I guess it's our love for art that glued us. Angie is six years my senior and Kimmie is six years my junior. A marketer, and advertiser and an aspiring politician.

When Angie got here, we agreed to get together and have dinner. Of course time flies and we finished around 11. We took Angie to where she was staying. She was staying with a collegue. Kim suggested a sleepover the following day. She lived closer to where Angie was working and as always we add the fun to dysfunctional.

We got together the following day at the supermarket. Perfect place to stock up. Chips, candy, cookies, peanuts, brownies, chocolate cakes and soft drinks. Ready to be eaten by the terrible trio.

I had a date so I was late to Kim's house. The minute I stepped inside, I changed into my pjs. We went to the kitchen and snacked. It was 3 AM and we were having a munchie attack. We got fed up of Sin City and went to watch Goblet of Fire.

Angie was the first one to call it a night. Kim left me about 30 minutes before the end of the movie. I turned off the TV when the movie was over and retired to the bedroom. Angie was snoring by then.

I was awakened by the sound of water . Kim and I got up. Angie needed to get to work. She wanted to call a cab. Kim insisted on taking her. So, in pjs Kim and I dropped Angie at work. We needed coffee desperately.

We made it to her house. We made it to the kitchen and began munching on brownies and chocolate cakes. We watched Scary Movie IV and The Omen. Kim's dad said we should do something useful. That's when Kim brought me home. In pjs.

I guess no matter what age you are, sleep overs will always be the ultimate girlbonding activity. I'm glad I had this recreational experience with my favorite buddies.

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