Friday, December 08, 2006

Somethings never change

I guess one of the things that I am known for is my hability to get away with murder. I've done the craziest things with the blessings of my superiors. I've been able to earn their trust and respect and still do outstanding things.

My new job is interesting. Perhaps it doesn't compare to the thrill of the call center experience, but it has its nice things. It's nice and calm during lunch time. Schedules are very respected, compared to HTC all day experience.

Things are pretty slow now. The project is barely in its design phase. I'm starting to know the language. Getting a bit familiar with the complete organization and of course bonding with the coworkers.

I miss the overexcitement of HTC. I miss being four numbers away from a couple of my friends. I miss being able to say "I'll be at the other building in a bit". I do the other building thing, but its the building NEXT door.

The fun seems to never end.

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