Tuesday, December 05, 2006

But I will never learn

There are lessons in life that should always go with you. Getting a good night sleep is one. Eating from the 5 basic food groups. Brush your teeth after every meal and before bed. Don't sleep with your friend's boyfriends. Don't tell the end of the book or the movie. Even if they ask.

There are other things in life that I should continue to do. One is to learn not to share my feelings. Another is to stop being a HELL of a good writter. I'm getting a bit cocky. That usually happens when . . . I am about to be exposed.

Will this be the time when my storytelling gets me in so much trouble that I'll stop. I don't know. My favorite quote is Newton's "For every action there is an equal or opposite reaction with the same magnitude".

The only thing I can do now is be strong. Stick to my guns and keep my chin up high. I've never regretted a thing I've said. I've regretted the way things have been interpreted, but that is not in my power to control.

Nothing else I can do.

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